ChannelAdvisor has been on the front lines of e-commerce since 2001, helping retailers and branded manufacturers manage more listings, reach more consumers and sell more products than ever before.

The ChannelAdvisor integration allows you to submit a Fruugo inventory JSON from the ChannelAdvisor platform; have real-time inventory stock updates via the automated Fruugo/ChannelAdvisor API; and manage all orders efficiently via the Fruugo/ChannelAdvisor Order API.

Status: LIVE


  • Inventory API Feed
  • Real-time Stock API Updates
  • Automated Order Import and Management


We’ve grown from a small company in a young industry to an industry leader at the forefront of a global revolution — with thousands of clients and billions of pounds in transactional revenue flowing through our platform every year.

And the things that grew to define the ChannelAdvisor brand over the last 15 years — constant innovation, leading technology, proven results and experienced people — are still our guiding principles as we take retailers and brands into the future of e-commerce.

We’re here to connect your products to wherever you want them to go, but we’re also here to connect you and your products to whatever comes next.

That means being the first to integrate with new channels and new ways of shopping. It means connecting retailers and brands through shared data and insights. It means calming the chaos and helping you track, manage and grow your inventory and scale your business.

User Set Up instructions

ChannelAdvisor, the industry leading e-commerce technology system, are fully integrated with Fruugo which means any of their customers can publish products onto Fruugo via the inventory API integration; benefit from real-time stock updates; and manage all orders within their own ChannelAdvisor system.

As a ChannelAdvisor customer, to integrate with Fruugo there are the following 5 steps:

i) Sign-up for a Fruugo Account and notify us you are a ChannelAdvisor customer

ii) Using the supplied Seller Id & Seller Token request that ChannelAdvisor activate the Fruugo integration module within your ChannelAdvisor account.

iii) Follow the ChannelAdvisor instructions to complete the module configuration, including tagging your products and mapping to the Fruugo categories. During the configuration you must ensure that:

    • You tag all the products you wish to include on Fruugo.
    • Map all products to the bottom-level (leaf) Fruugo category.
    • Map size & colour attributes if any of your products have different sizes or colours.
    • Ensure all prices are excluding VAT (if within the EU).

It is important that you do not activate the integration at this stage.

iv) Once you have informed us that the configuration is complete, we will carry out the necessary set-up within Fruugo assuming that you have already submitted your Fruugo Shipping Template and any other requested details.

v) After we have completed the Fruugo set-up, we will enable your account for ChannelAdvisor integration. It is at this time you should now acttivate the Fruugo module in ChannelAdvisor.

Throughout the ChannelAdvisor set-up process the ChannelAdvisor Support Team will be on-hand to advise on any queries you may have prior to your set-up being approved on Fruugo.