Vendiro helps retailers and brand owners to be successful on marketplaces with intelligent software and advice on a strategic and operational level.

Status: BETA


  • Inventory Feed
  • Real-time Stock Updates
  • Automated Order Import and Management


These days it is not only important to be connected to marketplaces, but also have a business strategy about timing, pricing, and availability. The Vendiro team has been selling via marketplaces for over 10 years. They will guide you to the process of connecting to the best marketplaces for your products. Defining business strategy with business rules. Setting up the business rules in the smart software. The goal is to make you more successful at selling via marketplaces.

The integration with Vendiro connects your webshop to over 40 marketplaces across Europe. This gives you access to a growing audience of customers who start their shopping on these third-party platforms. Our intelligent software makes sure you win the buy-box by optimizing your offer within your business rules. Our systems use advanced technology based on much more than just the price tag. With fully automated pricing, products, orders, returns and payments Vendiro is the smartest marketplace software available.

User Set-up Instructions

The Vendiro allows you to generate a Fruugo XML feed from the Vendiro platform in the Fruugo format; have fast inventory stock updates via the automated Fruugo API; and manage all orders efficiently via the Fruugo Order API.

As a Vendiro customer, to integrate with Fruugo there are the following steps:

  1. Sign-up for a Fruugo Account and notify us you are an Vendiro customer
  2. Receive Fruugo Retailer Portal credentials Username and password)
  3. Notify Vendiro about your plans, so your account manager can set-up the connection in Vendiro
  4. Connection set-up, and data ready to submit to Fruugo
  5.  Your product information will be verified by Fruugo

Throughout the set-up process the Vendiro Support Team will be available to advise on any queries you may have prior to your set-up being approved on Fruugo.