Partner Integration Process

Fruugo has an ever expanding network of partnerships with companies around the world who have their own data integrations with online retailers.

The benefits of integrating via a Fruugo Partner include:

  • Proven methodology
  • Rapid and easy onboarding
  • Helpful FAQs
  • Support from the 3rd party
  • Online ticketing systems for problem solving

Becoming a Fruugo Integration Partner

To join our truly global marketplace and also allow your clients to have access to 46 different global markets utilising one language and currency is a straight-forward process with no fee's for the partnership, and your clients will operate on a 'no sale - no fee' model.

By integrating as a partner with Fruugo you'll offer true global potential to your stores. To discuss please contact our Head of Partnerships, Phil Booker (

Once it has been agreed that you will become a Fruugo Integration Partner a schedule will be assigned to fit both parties development schedules which will allow you to receive the necessary support while building the integration to ensure that at the time of release the integration works smoothly and without error.

Partner Integration Process

There are various stages to completing a platform partnership integration, however they all fall within four elements. These elements are the fundamentals that allow a retailer to sell easily on Fruugo via the partnership integration. The four elements are:

- Product Inventory Feed
- Stock Status API
- Order Management API
- Documentation

It is using these four elements that will provide the retailer with the maximum functionality for selling on Fruugo, however depending on the nature of the platform partnership the integration may only complete 2 or 3 of these elements. For a multi-channel dispatch platform may not cover the inventory feed, or a feed management agency may not cover order management.

Partner Integration Flow

A full standard integration with all elements follows the integration flow below:

i) Integration document supplied

Product Inventory Feed
ii) Product inventory feed integration created - mandatory requirements
iii) Product inventory feed verified - mandatory requirements
iv) Product inventory feed integration - full functionality
v) Product inventory feed verified - full functionality

-- Test Account Created Internally --

Stock Status API
vi) Stock Status API integration created
vii) Stock Status API scenario testing
viii) Stock Status API testing verified

Order Management API
ix) Order Management API integration created
-- Test Orders Created Internally --
x) Order Management API scenario testing
xi) Order Management API testing verified

xii) Update & API Call Frequency Planning
xiii) Platform Partner & Integration documentation created
xiv) Integration complete

xv) Integration passed to Partnership Team for promotion & marketing (as well as BETA clients)

Fruugo Integration Documentation

The Product Inventory Feed documentation is available under the 'Fruugo Feed' element of the Wiki, including sub-pages.

The Stock Status API documentation is available under the 'Stock Status API' element of the Wiki, including sub-pages.

The Order Management API documentation is available under the 'Order API' element of the Wiki, including sub-pages.