Ecommerce Platforms

Fruugo has an ever expanding network of partnerships with companies around the world who have their own data integrations with online retailers.

These companies may be providing their clients with, for example, inventory and stock management, logistics management affiliate marketing etc.

By integrating with Fruugo, it means that all their clients can integrate their product data in to Fruugo and receive orders passed back straight into the retailers own back office systems. Thus the retailer can begin the process of selling worldwide through Fruugo.

Ecommerce Platforms

A number of ecommerce platforms have built direct support for the Fruugo integration into their system to enable their clients to operate their multi-channels from their own system - along side their day to day activity on their own ecommerce store. These integrations offer a vary level of flexibility but still ensure easy of use through a single source of information across all your channels.

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