Joom Marketplace Solution (JMS) is a bundle of eCommerce services that makes cross-border retailer operations painless and straightforward. JMS provides platform API integration, cross-border logistics, seller pay-out and customer support services.

The solution allows online retailers to immediately integrate their catalogue into Fruugo platform and start selling. JMS has already handled technical integration and takes care of stocks, prices and new product listing. It automatically calculates end-2-end delivery prices and creates logistics orders and labels.

Status: BETA


  • Automated Product Management via API
  • Real-time Stock Updates
  • Automated Order Import and Management
  • Automated Logistics Order / Label Creation


Joom is an international group of eCommerce and fintech companies founded in June 2016 in Riga, Latvia. Joom currently includes Joom Marketplace (a platform for shopping from all over the world), Onfy (pharmaceutical marketplace in Germany), Joompay (fintech service for daily financial transactions in Europe), Joom Logistics (the business that provides logistics, technology and infrastructure services for cross-border eCommerce) and JoomPro (platform for cross-border wholesale trade). Offices of Joom group are located in 8 countries.

Joom’s mission is to help consumers and businesses around the world in their everyday experiences.

JMS service has appeared several years ago intending to share the accumulated eCommerce experience with the world. We created a bundle of services that solve main cross-border commerce issues such as seller management, cross-border logistics, pay-outs, compliance and customer support.

User Set-up Instructions

Since the technical integration with Fruugo platform is already developed under the JMS side, retailers could quickly and easily start selling on Fruugo. JMS takes care of product listing, hot information (such as price and stock) synchronisation and orders update. It also provides retailers with Joom Merchant Panel as a single window to operate with incoming orders and manage product catalogues.

To start selling on Fruugo as a JMS client there is the following instruction:

  1. Sign Up for JMS service
    1. If you are already a Joom Marketplace seller - contact the merchant support team or Key Account Manager and request JMS service on the Fruugo platform.
    2. if you do not currently sell on Joom or do not know how to contact the merchant support team - contact with a request for JMS service
  2. JMS assists you with the account creation process on the Fruugo platform. On your side:
    1. provide documents for KYC
    2. read and accept the Terms of Service of the Fruugo platform
  3. After the account is created, JMS takes care of integration, product listing and order management. Retail is responsible for:
    1. Choosing countries to sell
    2. Product listing validation (tagging products which should not be selling on Fruugo) Note: the retailer is responsible for correcting data errors or data content if it is not suitable.
  4. Receiving, fulfilling orders and label creation
  5. JMS handles the delivery of your products to the Fruugo customer

Our merchant support team will accompany you through the beginning phase and help you solve all the issues you may encounter.