QaShops connects your company with new Sales channels. We can integrate with prestashop and every ERP or MRP to synchronize catalog, stock, pricing and orders.

The QaShops integration allows you to generate a Fruugo feed from the QaShops platform, have real time inventory stock updates via the automated Fruugo/QaShops API and manage all orders efficiently via the Fruugo/QaShops Order API.

Status: LIVE


  • Automated Product / Inventory Feed
  • Automated Order Import and Management


QaShops is a software specialized in the integration of product catalogs in marketplaces such as Fruugo, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe and America. We process the original catalog so that it can be published in the different marketplaces of your choice. In addition to adapting the catalog, through QaShops you can also manage orders, returns and customer service notifications that come from different marketplaces, all in a centralized manner.

User Set-up Instructions

The QaShops integration allows you to generate a Fruugo feed from the QaShops solution.

As a QaShops customer, to integrate with Fruugo you have to follow the next steps:

i) Sign-up for a Fruugo Account and notify us you are a QaShops customer.

ii) Inform the QaShops team you wish to set-up the integration.

iii) The QaShops team will complete the set-up of the integration and provide you with the product data feed URL generated which you should provide to Fruugo for verification.

iv) Your product feed will be verified by Fruugo and providing that the 'Listing Products Rules' are met, the feed will be approved for use.

Throughout the QaShops integration set-up process the QaShops Support Team will be on assist to advice on any queries you may have prior to your feed being approved on Fruugo.