Status: BETA


  • Products sent via API

  • Inventory sent via API

  • Real-time Stock Updates

  • Automated Order Import and Management


The ShopiVerse integration with Fruugo allows you to publish products on Fruugo via the Fruugo Product API, benefit from real-time stock updates, and manage all orders within the ShopiVerse system.



ShopiVerse is dedicated to providing a seamless and comprehensive solution for cross-border e-commerce sellers by integrating marketplace and fulfillment management into a single platform.  

We introduce ourselves by providing a comprehensive and streamlined solution for sellers to manage their businesses. Our software enables companies to combine and manage global marketplaces, fulfillment centres, logistics companies, shipping companies, and accounting programs on a single panel. This comprehensive approach provides businesses with a complete view of their entire e-commerce process, giving them full control and flexibility over their operations.


User Set-Up Requirements

  1. Sign-up for a Fruugo Account and notify us you are a ShopiVerse customer

  2. Using the supplied Seller Id & Seller Token request that ShopiVerse activate the Fruugo integration module within your ShopiVerse account.

  3. You can complete the integration by following the instructions below.

  • Selection of products will be sold in Fruugo

  • Map selected products to categories and variants

  • Arrange detailed information on selected products

  • Ensure all prices and stock values are entered

Notify the ShopiVerse team after following these instructions. The ShopiVerse team will be waiting for you ready to complete the integration processes.