Product Feed Error Reporting

Upon submission of your product feed to Fruugo it will be processed through our feed validation service. The service will assess the data through a serious of automated checks before progressing the feed to a manual check status to allow data quality to be reviewed.

During each stage of the feed validation service it will generate a report identifying the differing types of errors present within the feed, provide SKU totals against the applicable errors, and allow you to identify each particular SKU flagged by the automated checks for you to resolve the issues.

Five Status Stages

The feed will only progress to the check verification stage after successfully passing the previous stage to allow you to address all issues accordingly. The 5 stages are as follows:

Stage One - Feed Structure Check
Stage Two - Automated Field Validation
Stage Three - Image Quality Check Stage
Stage Four - Manual Data Validation
Stage Five - Feed Validation Complete

Details of each stage

  1. Stage One - Feed Structure Check: Ensures that the feed being provided to Fruugo for validation is to the necessary Fruugo specification and contains the relevant field headers and tags.
  2. Stage Two - Automated Field Validation: Having passed the structure check to be a valid Fruugo feed, the next stage validates all the mandatory fields being present and populated on the product as well as checking each field against the schema to identify problems such as character lengths exceeded, field misuse, and unsupported values.
  3. Stage Three - Image Quality Check Stage: Identifiers any image(s) which are below the minimum image requirements and those which are not permitted due to them either containing overlays such as watermarks, text and other icons, or are not on a white background.
  4. Stage Four - Manual Data Validation: Having previously passed automated checks the feed will then be subject to manual checks to focus on the data quality and correct allocation of key information such as brand usage, categorisation, and descriptive product information (title, description, attributes etc.). The checks are to ensure that your product meet a sufficient standard for Fruugo to market them efficiently and for the products to fit the necessary requirements for display.
  5. Stage Five - Feed Validation Complete: Your feed has been fully approved following all verification stages and is ready to be used on an active account.