Our system will handle the brand by comparing the brand value provided in the feed and matching it against Fruugo created brands to globally present your branded products on our brand pages.

Purpose of the brand

The brand of the product assigned to the 'Brand' field of the feed and displayed on the site should be the brand of the product and trademarked manufacturer. If the brand matches one of our pre-created global brands it will automatically map. If the brand value you have provided on some products as a new brand that we are able to identify as a recognised brand, it will be created as a new brand and mapped accordingly.

The brand on the product/product page is not a company name or store display name, and should not be used to feature this information.

Accurate brand values

You must ensure the 'Brand' field of the feed is accurate to the product you are adding and matches any brand featured on the product. If we are unable to identify the brand provided in the 'Brand' field of the feed as a clearly recognised brand and manufacturer, the products will be listed as 'Unbranded'.

Creating a new brand

If you are manufacturer of the product and have a trademark brand, in order for us to create a new brand you would need to provide us with documentation showing the registered brand and that you are the manufacturer of the product, as well as examples of the products and packaging featuring the brand.

The information would then be reviewed and verified against the product data you are providing.

If you are not the manufacturer of the product and it is not a registered brand, the products will continue to display as 'Unbranded'.

Misuse of brand

You should:

  • Provide the brand value accurate to each of your products.
  • The brand is spelt correctly and conforms with the recognised spelling of the brand.
  • The brand is accurate at the time the product is added to the feed and not changed afterwards.
  • You are only listing brands you are authorised to sell and are genuine.
  • Provide the brand as 'Unbranded' for generic or non-branded products.

You should not:

  • List your company name/store name instead of the brand
  • Add counterfeit / copies of branded products
  • Provide a brand which does not match the product
  • List a brand for heneric or non-branded products.