Lead Time

At Fruugo we have a 24 hour order dispatch policy to ensure speedy confirmation and delivery of a product which is applied by default to all accounts.

If there any of your products which cannot meet Fruugo's standard 24-hour dispatch policy, you can indicate the delay in processing/dispatching times for these products in your product feed utilising the LeadTime field/tag. Correctly indicating the dispatch time will significantly reduce the volume of pre and post order enquiries you could experience with shipment delays.

Using LeadTime

The 'LeadTime' should only be used in conjuction with the INSTOCK StockStatus of a product to indicate the delay in dispatch, beyond the defined 24hrs as default.

Delay in In Stock Product Dispatch

The 'LeadTime' field is a numeric value in days which should be used to indicate the number of days from order to dispatch for any INSTOCK product. It should not contain any alpha or special characters. The minimum value specified should be 2 as the system has a default 24 hour dispatch policy.

As the StockStatus has an indication on the use of the LeadTime value it is important if you are using LeadTime to indicate a delay in dispatching a product that a value is only applied to a product where the StockStatus value is INSTOCK or the StockQuantity value is =>1.

Using RestockDate

The 'RestockDate' should only used in conjuction with the OUTOFSTOCK StockStatus of a product to indicate the date at which the product is back available for order.

Delay Until Product Is Back In Stock & Available For Dispatch

The RestockDate' field is used to indicate how long until a product is back available and can be dispatched. Please note: a product should not have both a 'LeadTime' and 'RestockDate' value specified.

The field should only be used to specify the date when a product which is currently marked as OUTOFSTOCK in 'StockStatus' will be back in stock and available for order.

The date must be provided in one of the following UNIX timestamp formats: DD:MM:YY; DD:MM:YYYY; YY:MM:DD; YYYY:MM:DD; DDMM-YY; DD-MM-YYYY; YY-MM-DD; YYYY-MM-DD.

Field Specification

For field specification information and field limits please see the Fruugo Feed > Field Specification section of the documentation.