Managing Orders

The Fruugo Retailer Portal order management tool allows you to manage your orders in a quick and efficient way.

Managing orders

You can view and manage orders placed by customers at Fruugo through the Retailer Portal. A complete list of orders is visible under the Orders tab.

Order management includes:

  • Viewing order details.
  • Confirming new orders.
  • Rejecting new orders.
  • Confirming shipment of orders.
  • Accepting product returns.

Confirming a new order means that Fruugo guarantees to the customer, on your behalf, that the order will be delivered. If you reject a new order, Fruugo refunds the value of the order to the customer. Fruugo remits payments for your products sold at Fruugo after the customer receives the order and after the applicable return period expires.

Instruction Guide

Searching an order

The orders page lists all the orders for your products placed by the Fruugo customers. If you know which order you would like to view you can use search to find it quickly.

Select an appropriate search attribute from the Search drop-down list:

  1. Order ID (the first seven digits only)
    • Advanced search fields:
      • Product Name
      • Retailer Product ID
      • Retailer Product SKU
      • Order Value
      • Customer Name
      • Customer Post Code
      • Customer Country
  2. Enter a search word or select from the drop down and click Filter Orders.

When you find the order you are looking for, click View Order to open the detailed view.

Filtering order list

You can narrow down the number of orders shown on the Orders page by filtering the list either by status, date or value.

To filter orders by status, select status from the Filter by status drop-down list:

  • Pending
  • Confirmed
  • Shipped
  • Cancelled
  • Returned
  • Corrected

If you don't wish to filter order list by status, simply keep the default value unmodified

To filter by date, select either:

  • Filter orders to view all orders.
  • Date/Time and select a date on the calendar, you can select a date in both fields to view orders within a certain time frame. You will then see a list of orders that have been placed within the selected time period.

To filter orders by value enter the minimum value and maximum value you wish to view, this will then display the orders you have received within the specified values.

Processing new orders

A pending order must be either confirmed, cancelled, or handled partially as soon as possible after it has been placed. Maximum time allowed for confirmation or cancellation is one (1) business day after the order is placed. If no action is taken for seven days after an order has been placed, Fruugo will cancel the order and refund the price of the products to the customer.

To view the pending orders, go to the Orders tab and filter all orders by status pending. Click on View Order to view the order details. Once you are in the order details view, you should complete the following actions to process a new order:

  1. Select the product that you wish to update by clicking on the checkbox next to the product ID once checked the option to update the selected products will appear.
  2. Confirm or cancel products in the order depending on your ability to ship them promptly.
  3. If the ordered products are in stock and you have confirmed the order, you should proceed with preparing the products for shipping.
  4. Once the order is ready for shipping:
    1. Enter the tracking number and tracking URL if necessary, please be aware that this is not a mandatory field but you should supply tracking information if you have sent the goods on a tracked service.
    2. Click Ship Selected products. Fruugo sends a shipping confirmation email to the customer immediately after you confirm shipping, this will include any tracking information you may provide.
  5. Forward the order package for transportation.

To guarantee high customer satisfaction, please ship an order as soon as possible after confirming it. Please ensure that it is shipped by the end of the next business day following order confirmation.

If an order is not shipped within 10 days after confirmation took place, Fruugo will send you a reminder. Remember that a customer may cancel the order if it hasn't arrived in 30 days after the order confirmation has been sent.

We recommend that you monitor the new and confirmed orders in the Retailer Portal constantly, rather than relying exclusively on email notifications or your integration.

In the event that there is a problem with your integration orders may not update on the Fruugo system, for customer refunds and retailer payments to process the order must be updated on the Retailer Portal.

Cancelling orders

If you cannot deliver the order in full or partially please cancel it as soon as possible after it has been placed.

To cancel an order, follow the steps below:

  1. Select an order in the Orders view and click on View Order to view the order details.
  2. Select the products that you'd like to cancel by ticking the checkbox on the left-hand side of the product listing table.
  3. Select the quantity (where applicable) of the products you need to cancel in the Qty column.
  4. Select the Cancel Reason from the drop down list.
  5. If you wish to include a message to the customer, please tick Add a message to customer, and use the message text field to write a message to the customer. For instance, if you are rejecting an order because the product(s) is out of stock, you could provide information of the future availability of the product(s).
  6. Click Cancel Selected Products. Fruugo sends an e-mail notification to the customer immediately after you cancel an order, this will include any messages you may provide.
  7. Once the order has been cancelled the refund will automatically be processed.

Fruugo customer care may also cancel an order if a customer requests cancellation prior to the order being shipped or in cases when fraud is suspected.

Cancellations made by customer care and risk management are reflected in the order status. Orders cancelled in risk management will appear in your system as cancelled orders; they will not appear as pending orders.

Processing Returns

Customers are instructed to notify you about their wish to return an order, or any product included in the order, within 14 days of receiving the delivery.

Returns notifications will appear under the Enquiries tab and you will be notified of any new enquiries you receive via email.

When providing a customer with returns information please ensure that you instruct the customer to ship the return package to your returns address. Please advise every customer to return their goods on a tracked service should the goods be lost in the post.

We do state that customers must cover the costs of returns postage but if you wish to provide a free returns label in order to provide a better service you are more than welcome to do so.

Please attach a returns form for the customer so that they can supply this in their return package.

Please be aware that if the customer has received a damaged or incorrect product you will be responsible for collecting the goods or reimbursing the customers returns postage costs.

Handling returns of large products

If the customer wishes to return a big product that requires special handling and cannot be returned using regular postal services, the return pickup must be arranged. We instruct customers to contact you if they would like to return a product that requires special handling. You can further agree on a suitable return method directly with the customer.

Initiating refunds

As soon as you receive the return package, please check the products and make sure that they can be accepted for return (the products are in their original condition and include all accessories that may have been sent with the shipment).

Once you've checked the condition and accepted the returned products, you should initiate the refund for returned products through the Retailer Portal.

Please process all returns as soon as you receive the return package to allow prompt refund issue.

If a customer contacts Fruugo Customer Care and is able to provide tracking information with proof of delivery at your returns address, we may process the refund on your behalf.

To initiate the refund, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the order you need to update in the Orders view and click on View Order to open the order details.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the product you have received back as a return.
  3. Check that the quantity is correct and update the selected products as Returned.
  4. If you wish to provide additional information about the return to the customer, you may select Add message to customer and use the message text field to write a message to the customer.
  5. Click Return Selected Products, a message will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to initiate the refund, select OK.

Now that you have initiated the refund:

  • Return acceptance confirmation email is sent to the customer along with the additional information you may have entered.
  • The return data is stored to the system.
  • The order status in the Orders list is updated to Returned.
  • Fruugo proceeds with issuing the refund to the customer.
  • Please be aware that the refund processed is a full refund including original shipping in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Refunding a customer due to non-receipt

If a customer does not receive an order, this could be due to the order being lost in the postal services; you must follow the same instructions above and mark the order as Returned.

Partial refunds

If for any reason you need to issue a partial refund to a customer, such as a discount due to a delay in shipment, you must contact Fruugo Customer Care ( We will request the reason for the discount and issue this for you.