Categories (archive)

The Fruugo category structure is a neutral category tree that aggregates all types of products without favouring any categories. It's got an extensive range of categories which should accurately account for all product types.

Our category tree is closely aligned to the Google Shopping Taxonomy to ensure that all products can be mapped from information which most retailers already hold to ensure a smooth integration process. The key benefit of the Fruugo category tree is the extended nature of some key categories to allow the retailer to specify a gender and/or age for their product types.

Category Value

The value to categorise your products in to the relevant Fruugo category is carried out by your product data feed using the 'Category' / <Category> field of the feed format. It allows you to specify the category of the product in your product feed to smoothly list your products on Fruugo and means that you do not have need to do any additional manual mapping or process work - your product feed handles the entire process for you.

Categorisation Process

All retailers must provide the accurate Fruugo category path for all products with the feed for the product to go live on the site and to ensure the Fruugo taxation engine calculates the correct tax on any product.

Fruugo Category Path - For your products to go live on Fruugo after your integration you must ensure you are providing the Fruugo category path in the 'Category' field of your product data feed. The value provided should be the full category path of one of the suitable Fruugo mappable categories and be case sensitive. You can find department specific and a full mappable category list of the Fruugo categories in the Categories > Mapping Category Tree section. The category path must be provided in English when using the 'Fruugo Category Path'.

Examples are below:

  1. CORRECT - Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Baby & Toddler Clothing > Baby & Toddler Sleepwear > Boys is a correct full Fruugo category path down to age/gender.
  2. INCORRECT - Baby & Toddler Sleepwear > Boys would not be sufficient as it does not include the full category path.
  3. CORRECT - Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Sunglasses > Mens is a correct full Fruugo category path.
  4. INCORRECT - Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Sunglasses would not be sufficient as it does not list the leaf-level of the category to highlight the age/gender.

Key Category Information

The following points should be considered when providing a value in the 'Category' / <Category> field of your product data feed:

  1. Is the product age specific?
  2. Is the product gender specific?
  3. Is the category provided accurate for that product?
  4. Is the category path provided in English?