Prohibited Products

Fruugo Prohibited Products Policy

The following products are prohibited on Fruugo and cannot be sold under any circumstances. Fruugo takes a zero tolerance approach to the sale or advertisement of prohibited products. You must ensure that these products are excluded from submission in your inventory feed or integration set-up. Fruugo reserves sole discretion to make the judgments on whether an individual listing is appropriate.

Listing prohibited products will be treated as a misuse of the Fruugo platform. If we identify that your account is listing and selling prohibited products on Fruugo, disciplinary action may be taken against account, including withholding your seller payments, placing your account into Holiday Mode and the permanent suspension of your account. Pursuant to Fruugo’s Retailer Terms and Conditions, Fruugo reserves the right to clawback any fines, penalties or expenses incurred by Fruugo as a result of a prohibited product listing made by a retailer.

This policy is not an exhaustive list of all products prohibited in the countries that the Fruugo platform is available in. In conjunction with this policy, all retailers are expected to adhere to the applicable laws for each country and all retailers are expected to conduct their own due diligence on a product before advertising this product on Fruugo. For the avoidance of any doubt, it is also the retailer’s responsibility to monitor applicable product safety reports and product recall reports including RAPEX Safety Gate Alerts and alerts from national Regulatory or Government bodies in each country that a retailer ships to.

Fruugo reserves the right to amend this policy and it is a retailers responsibility to ensure that they are up-to-date on the prohibited products and product categories outlined below.

1.     Adult Material

1.1.          Pornography

1.2.          Adult products including sex toys or fetish products

1.3.          Products containing content or media of an explicit nature including clothing, books,  paintings, games, or articles

1.4.          Products being advertised using images or media of a sexual or explicit nature

1.5.          Personal enhancement creams                

2.    Animals and Wildlife

2.1.           Animal or wildlife products which contain endangered or protected items, including animal fur and ivory

2.2.          Taxidermy or mounted specimens

2.3.          Live animals, including insects and reptiles

2.4.          Hunting or animal traps, including snares or any other device that will harm an animal when it is caught

2.5.          Glue traps used to capture rodents

2.6.          Marimo Moss Balls

2.7.          Electric shock collars used on any animals, including dogs

2.8.          Pinch and prong, choke collars, spike collars, or any other type of collar which will harm an animal

2.9.          Invasive plants, seeds and weeds

2.10.       Any items made from human remains or parts of the human body

3.     Artefacts/Cultural Property

3.1.          Artefacts including Native American crafts, cave formations, & grave-related items

3.2.          Fine arts, including artist signed paintings

4.     Currency

4.1.          Prop currency which could be used as genuine currency

4.2.          Coins

5.     Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia

5.1.          Any drug or drug-like substance used for medicinal or recreational use

5.2.          All drug paraphernalia

5.3.          Cannabinoid products which exceed the legal limit of THC or CBD in the country that you are shipping the product to.

5.4.          Products which claim to provide a legal high

 6.     Food and Drink

6.1.          Alcohol or products containing alcohol including wine, beer and spirits

6.2.          Perishable food which requires chilled/frozen transit

6.3.          Expired products or products with a short shelf life that will expire before they arrive with the customer

7.     Hazardous Substances

7.1.          Dangerous acids, or products containing a dangerous acid, such as sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid

7.2.          Any product containing cyanide

7.3.          Any product containing asbestos

7.4.          Flammable items or substances

7.5.          Explosives, including fireworks, sparklers and grenades.

7.6.          Toxic substances such as poisons and Freon

7.7.          Pesticides and biocides

7.8.          Radioactive material

7.9.          Hazardous gazes including corrosive, flammable, and toxic gases

7.10.       O-zone depleting substances

7.11.       Bacteria cultures or other products containing E-Coli

8.     Offensive weapons

8.1.          Guns and firearms, including parts of or parts for a firearm

8.2.          Ammunition for a firearm

8.3.          Knives which are classified as a weapon including, but not limited to, the following -

8.3.1.     Balisong or Buttery Knives – A knife with a blade hidden inside the handle that splits in the middle to reveal the blade.

8.3.2.     Knives disguised as or hidden inside everyday objects.

8.3.3.     Flick knives, switchblades and automatic knives which open when a button or something on the knife is pressed.

8.3.4.     Gravity knives which open by gravity.

8.3.5.     Stealth knives – A Knife not made from metal (and not made for use at home, for food or as a toy).

8.3.6.     Zombie knives – A knife with a cutting, serrated edge, and images/words to suggest it is used for violence.

8.3.7.     Spiral knives – A knife with one or more cutting edge that forms a helix and comes to a point.

8.4.          All knives in the UK, excluding cutlery

8.5.          Knuckledusters

8.6.          Hand or foot claws

8.7.          Slingshots

8.8.          Swords and sword-sticks

8.9.          Push daggers

8.10.       Blowpipes or blow guns

8.11.       Truncheons and batons

8.12.       Kubotans

8.13.       Death stars or throwing stars

8.14.       Kusari-gama

8.15.       Kyoketsu-shoge

8.16.       Kusari or manrikigusari

9.     Medicines and Medical Devices

9.1.          All human medicines which require a prescription or qualifications to be sold

9.2.          All medical devices which have not been registered with a medicines regulatory authority (e.g. MHRA)

9.3.          Medical devices which require an authorised prescription in the country that you are shipping the product to.

9.4.          Veterinary medicines which require a prescription or qualifications to be sold. Only ASM-GSL Status Veterinary Medicines may be sold on Fruugo

9.5.          Vaccinations – both Human and animal vaccines

9.6.          Non-prescription medicines or any product which makes any claim for a medical or health benefit which is unsubstantiated or there is no medical evidence to support the alleged benefit. Examples include personal enhancement pills or creams, weightless products or supplements, herbal remedies, and magnetic bracelets.

9.7.          Steroids or other body building substances

9.8.          Contact lenses which require a prescription

9.9.          DNA Tests or Ancestry research

9.10.       Pregnancy tests

9.11.       Gender reveal tests

9.12.       Covid-19 tests

10. Offensive Material

10.1.       Any products or material that may cause offense to someone because of their religious beliefs, race, gender or sexual orientation

10.2.       Radically offensive material

10.3.       Nazi memorabilia and products bearing or resembling a swastika

10.4.       Any product or material that promotes terrorism, hate, crime, violence, abuse, exploitation, suicide, child pornography or gambling

10.5.       Law enforcement or police-related items including government issued uniforms, badges, hats, or accessories, or replicas of these items

10.6.       Any political memorabilia, including religiously sensitive material such as Muhammed pictures, that may cause offence or distress

10.7.       Items encouraging illegal activity, such as a book describing how to create methamphetamine

11. Unsafe Products

11.1.       Any product that has been subject to a product safety alert or product recall by the manufacturer, government regulator, or the RAPEX Database

11.2.       Crib bumpers (USA Only)

11.3.       Chinese Sky Lanterns or Chinese Wishing Lanterns

11.4.       Laser pointers over 1mW

11.5.       Products that legally require a CE mark, and do not have one or have a unlawfully obtained  or unauthentic CE mark

11.6.       Catalytic Converts & Test Pipes

12. Radios and Electronics

12.1.       Baofeng Radios

12.2.       CB Radios (Switzerland Only)

12.3.       Electronic surveillance equipment, including wiretapping devices and telephone bugging devices

12.4.       TV De-scramblers

12.5.       Radar Scanners

12.6.       Traffic signal control devices

12.7.       Signal jammers and blockers

12.8.       Spy camera or microphones hidden as an everyday object that has the ability to transmit audio or video without being detected (Germany only)

12.9.       Spyware or malware

12.10.   Unlicensed software, including software that requires a license which has been used or duplicated

12.11.   Software unlocking keys

13. Tattoo Products

13.1.       Tattoo Inks

13.2.       Anaesthetic or numbing creams

13.3.       Tattoo or laser removal devices

14. Tobacco and E-Cigarettes

14.1.       Cigarettes

14.2.       E-cigarettes

14.3.       Cigars

14.4.       Pipe tobacco

14.5.       Lighters

14.6.       E-liquid

14.7.       Disposable vapes

14.8.       Chewing tobacco

14.9.       Nicotine gum

14.10.   Nicotine patches

14.11.   Nicotine sprays

15. Other 

15.1.       Used or second-hand products

15.2.       Tickets, including event tickets, lottery tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, or concert tickets

15.3.       Store value loads, including gift or pre-paid cards, gift vouchers, and manufacturers’ coupons

15.4.       Stock and other securities

15.5.       Real estate

15.6.       Mystery boxes

15.7.       Custom-made and personalised products

15.8.       Counterfeit products

15.9.       Certification and identification, including passports, I.D. cards, birth certifications and death certificates

The following brands are prohibited from sale on Fruugo:

Prohibited Brands


Loris Azzaro
Thierry Mugler
Tamiya Carson
Brita Intenza
A. Vogel
Ocean Breeze
PSG / Paris Saint Germain