There are certain types of products which are not permitted for sale across the Fruugo platform. Therefore you should ensure these are excluded from submission in your inventory feed or integration set-up.

The examples provided are not exhaustive but provides the general areas where restrictions apply and the types of products which are affected. Even if a product is not covered under our prohibited product list, all products and listings must adhere to the applicable laws for each country. We would advise you to consult legal advise for regulations concerning your products.

Fruugo reserves sole discretion to make the judgments on whether an individual listing is appropriate.

The following product types are prohibited from sale on Fruugo:

Prohibited Product TypeDetails
Adult MaterialMaterial of a sexual or explicit nature
AlcoholAll alcohol products including wine
Animal & Wildlife ProductsExamples include live animals, fur, mounted specimens & ivory

Examples include Native American crafts, cave formations & grave-related items

Catalytic Converts & Test Pipes
Certifications & Identification

Examples include passports, I.D. cards, birth certificates, death certificates etc.

Counterfeit Products
Custom-made & Personalised Products
Drugs & Drug ParaphernaliaIncluding drug-like substances
Electronics Equipment

Examples include cable TV de-scramblers, radar scanners & traffic signal control devices

Electronic Surveillance Equipment

Examples include wiretapping devices and telephone bugging devices

Fine ArtsExamples include artist signed paintings
Gaming & Gambling
Hazardous, Restricted & Perishable ItemsExamples include fireworks and freon
Hunting & Animal TrapsExamples include knives, animal traps & snares
Items Encouraging Illegal ActivityExamples include a book describing how to create methamphetamine
Medical Devices

Examples include contact lenses, pacemakers and surgical instruments

Non-prescription Products

Examples include personal "enhancement" and weightloss products or supplements, herbal remedies & body building substances/steroids

Offensive Products

Examples include ethically or radically offensive material & Nazi memorabilia

Perishable FoodAny food which has a short shelf life or requires chilled/frozen transit
Pharmaceutical ProductsIncluding prescription drugs and prohibited veterinary medicines
Police-related Items
Political MemorabiliaIncluding religiously sensitive material such as Muhammed pictures
Real Estate
StampsIncluding postage meters
Stock & Other Securities
Store Value LoadsExamples include gift or pre-paid cards, gift vouchers and manufacturers' coupons
TicketsExamples include event tickets and lottery tickets
TobaccoIncluding cigarettes, ecigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff tobacco and lighters
Used ProductsAny used or second-hand products
WeaponryIncluding guns/firearms, swords, knives, replicas & pepper spray

The following brands are prohibited from sale on Fruugo:

Prohibited Brands


Loris Azzaro
Thierry Mugler
Tamiya Carson
Brita Intenza
A. Vogel
Ocean Breeze
PSG / Paris Saint Germain