We charge 15% commission along with a 2.35% funds processing fee (2.35%) of Transaction Value (being the value paid by the shopper for the products and the delivery costs, including any applicable taxes, charges or levies).  The funds processing fee contributes towards Fruugo's payment and transaction processing costs (inclusive of any currency and forex charges).

Commission: 15% of Transaction value (of customers’ local selling price)
Funds processing fee: 2.35% of Transaction value (of customers’ local selling price)

Commission and Funds Processing Fee is calculated on the local Selling Price (of goods plus shipping) paid by the Customer, including any applicable Sales Taxes, converted to the Retailer’s local currency..

Fruugo charges Commission and Funds Processing Fees on all orders sent to the Retailer for shipment, except where an order is cancelled by the Customer prior to either shipment of the goods, so long as shipment is within 24 hours of the order being placed, or within the lead time, if a lead time was specified by the retailer at the time the customer placed the order. Funds Processing Fees are not refundable.

The Process

  1. Customer places order and pays in their local currency.

  2. You access the order details, deliver the products and inform Fruugo via the Merchant Portal (or Order API).

  3. It is assumed that all deliveries arrive within 2 weeks of despatch. The Distance Selling / Cooling Off Period is 2 Weeks from date of delivery.

  4. Once a week at midnight Sunday all orders out of their Cooling Off Period are cleared for payment.

  5. Once a week you are paid for your cleared orders, in your local currency, less Fruugo Commission and Funds Processing Fees.

  6. In the same week as payment from Fruugo, you are emailed an invoice for Fruugo Commission and Finds Processing Fees that were deducted from your payment, together with a statement showing the orders included in the payment.

You can contact at any time if you have any queries about commission charges.