Retailer Content Fees

When selling on Fruugo there are two main types of fees associated with your account. Commission based fees and Retailer Content fees.

Retailer Content fee rates are determined by your Performance Level (MPL) and the amount will vary depending on the charge type. Find out more about Merchant Performance Levels.



Performance Level


Performance Level

Service Description






Free SKU Listing allowance, (per calendar month)






SKU Overage Fee (SKU1), for additional thousand unique listings above free allowance (per calendar month)






Product Re-categorisation Service (CAT1), per thousand unique Product Listings (per calendar month)






Optional Premium Content Service (PRC1), (per calendar month)






Court Order service, (TRO1) per case






SKU Overage Fee (SKU1)


The SKU Overage fee is related to your SKU listing allowance. Your Performance Level determines the number of SKU listings you can upload for free within a month. This is considered your monthly allowance.

If this allowance is exceeded a fee will be applied per 1000 SKU listings uploaded at a rate determined by your Performance Level (MPL). This is defined as SKU overage.

You can monitor your daily allowance usage in Catalogue Manager within the Retailer Portal. 

Gold Allowance Card.png

Each month your SKU listing allowance is reset.

Product Re-categorisation Service Fee (CAT1)


The product re-categorisation service validates the Fruugo category path that you have provided to us against your product data. It ensures that a valid Fruugo category path has been selected and that the category path provided best represents the product.

There is a fee per product listing that has been re-categorised.

For further details read the Product Re-categorisation Service guidance.

Premium Content Service Fee (PRC1)


For merchants that are achieving a Performance Level (MPL) of Silver, Gold or Platinum, you can opt-in to receive access to our Premium Content Service

As part of this service we are offering Premium Storefronts in which you can customise your Fruugo marketplace storefront by uploading personalised brand assets, introductory text and select a custom promoted carousel category.

There is a monthly fee applied once you opt-in and you can opt-out at any time. For further information read our Premium Storefronts guidance.

In the Retailer Portal navigate to ‘Store Settings’ and ‘Customise Store’ to begin.

Court Order Service Fee (TRO1)


Fruugo issues a fee per case for usage of our Court Order Service.