Setting up a Fruugo product feed in WakeupData

WakeUpData integration platform is a market place feed provider which helps you to sell your products on multiple market places, including Fruugo, seamlessly.

WakeupData empowers your e-commerce business by allowing you to combine and merge any data set with your product data feed, so you can optimize it and send it on to any given price comparison portal, marketplace or affiliate marketing platforms, saving you time and resources.


In order to sell products on Fruugo, a customer will need to create a product feed in XML or CSV. The feed must contain the information which the Fruugo system requires to be able to display your products to the customer. The Fruugo team will validate the feed after it is completed and onboard the client on Fruugo marketplace.

Set-up Guide

  1. Import your master feed in WakeupData’s platform
    Go to your WakeupData’s account - Click on the + (plus) sign - Create Import - Choose the data source (for example feed on url) - Put your source feed - Test fetch data

  2. Map the data fields
    Map the data fields to the WakeupData fields - Click Finish

    The system will automatically import your data to WakeupData’s system within a few minutes.

  3. Set a schedule
    Schedules - Details - chose the time and how often you want the source feed to be updated

  4. Create a Fruugo export
    We have created a Fruugo template in WakeupData’s platform. To create an export, go to:

    New export - choose the Fruugo template from the available list - Create export

    Then you’ll see the attributes needed to be filled out to create a feed for Fruugo - mandatory, recommended and optional.

    When you click on a field, you will see 5 data methods. For more information on when and how to use them, visit our Help videos section in WakeupData’s platform.

Mandatory fields

There are 11 mandatory fields with a criteria that products must meet in order to be included in the product feed. Products must have:

  1. Product Id
  2. SKU Id
  3. GTINs (EAN/UPC)
  4. Brand
  5. Category
  6. Image URL - a minimum size of 400px x 400px or larger with a white background, no placeholders or watermarks 
  7. Stock status or stock quantity
  8. Title
  9. Description
  10. Normal price without VAT or Normal price with VAT
  11. VAT rate

 Once you are certain that all mandatory fields and as many of the optional fields as possible have been filled out, go to:

 Overview - View export - Open

 The feed URL will open in a browser. Send the feed URL to Fruugo support team for validation.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or need assistance with the set-up, please sign up for a WakeupData account and inform the WakeupData team that you wish to create a Fruugo integration.

The WakeupData team will create the integration and provide you with the feed URL, verified by Fruugo. As a client of WakeupData, you will get a designated Customer Success Manager, who will set-up the integration, deliver support, and advise you on best practices.