Field Specification - Limits

In order to be able to show your product listing to best effect to our customers around the world, Fruugo requires a product data feed.  We need to retrieve this feed frequently to keep stock levels accurate and thereby improve the customer experience.

The method used to get product information into the Fruugo system is via a suitably constructed product data feed. This feed contains the information which the Fruugo system requires to be able to correctly display your products to the customer, correctly calculate the cost (including shipping and sales tax where appropriate) to shoppers in all of the Fruugo countries.

Field Limits

Within each field there are both recommend and physical field limits which restriction the content which can be added. It is important to ensure that the values listed in each field do not exceed the limits which are highlighted below.

Field TypeCSV Field Header NameXML Tag NamePhysical Field LimitRecommended Field Limit
Product IdProductId<ProductId>50 Characters50 Characters
Sku IdSkuId<SkuId>50 Characters50 Characters
GTINs (EAN / UPC)EAN<EAN>14 Digits14 Digits
BrandBrand<Brand>50 Characters20 Characters
CategoryCategory<Category>250 Characters150 Characters
Image URL 1Imageurl1<Imageurl1>150 Characters150 Characters
Stock StatusStockStatus<StockStatus>12 Characters12 Characters
Quantity in StockStockQuantity<StockQuantity>5 Digits3 Digits
TitleTitle<Title>150 Characters100 Characters
DescriptionDescription<Description>5000 Characters2000 Characters
Normal Price Without VATNormalPriceWithoutVAT<NormalPriceWithoutVAT>6 Digits & 3 decimal digits (plus decimal separator)

6 Digits & 2 decimal digits (plus decimal separator)

Normal Price With VATNormalPriceWithVAT<NormalPriceWithVAT>6 Digits & 2 decimal digits (plus decimal separator)

6 Digits & 2 decimal digits (plus decimal separator)

VAT RateVATRate<VATRate>3 Digits (plus decimal separator)3 Digits (plus decimal separator)
Image URL 2-5Imageurl2, Imageurl3, Imageurl4 & Imageurl5<Imageurl2>, <Imageurl3>, <Imageurl4>, <Imageurl5>150 Characters150 Characters
LanguageLanguage<Language>2 Characters (lower case)2 Characters (lower case)
Attribute SizeAttributeSize<AttributeSize>30 Characters20 Characters
Attribute ColorAttributeColor<AttributeColor>30 Characters20 Characters
CurrencyCurrency<Currency>3 Characters (upper case)3 Digits (upper case)
Discount Price Without VATDiscountPriceWithoutVAT<DiscountPriceWithoutVAT>6 Digits & 3 decimal digits (plus decimal separator)6 Digits & 2 decimal digits (plus decimal separator)
Discount Price With VATDiscountPriceWithVAT<DiscountPriceWithVAT>6 Digits & 2 decimal digits (plus decimal separator)6 Digits & 2 decimal digits (plus decimal separator)
ISBNISBN<ISBN>13 Digits13 Digits
ManufacturerManufacturer<Manufacturer>50 Characters20 Characters
Restock DateRestockDate<RestockDate>8 Digits (plus separators)8 Digits (plus separators)
Lead TimeLeadTime<LeadTime>2 Digits2 Digits
Package WeightPackageWeight<PackageWeight>5 Digits5 Digits
Attribute 1-10Attribute1, Attribute2 through to Attribute10<Attribute1>, <Attribute2> through to <Attribute10>30 Characters20 Characters
CountryCountry<Country>150 Characters (upper case)92 Characters (upper case)
Discount Price Start DateDiscountPriceStartDate<DiscountPriceStartDate>8 Digits (plus separators)8 Digits (plus separators)
Discount Price End DateDiscountPriceEndDate<DiscountPriceEndDate>8 Digits (plus separators)8 Digits (plus separators)