Company Details

To enable to list your products globally with Fruugo, utilising our unique technology which localising the transaction both for the customer and for the retailer, there are three steps to complete after being reviewed and approved by our Business Development team.

Step one of the processes involved the completion of the Retailer Joining Form which will be provided by the Business Development team, and after completing the joining form there may be some additional details that your Integration Specialist will require to ensure that your account is set-up correctly on our platform, to enable payments, and to ensure the information in your product data is correctly reflected. These details will include any additional bank details for payment, and any additional tax registrations.

Payment Details

All retailers are required to provide the necessary payment details that allow Fruugo to make international payments to your bank account. These details differ across the global dependent on what is the common method of international payments in your region. You can find what details Fruugo will require from you on the Payments section of the Retailer Support & Documentation.

Fruugo will make payments for fulfilled orders four weeks after shipment to allow for the two week maximum delivery timescale and two weeks distance selling 'cooling off' period allowed to customers to return an order. Each payment will be paid during the following week and will be the order total minus Fruugo's commission and charges. Each week a payment due you will receive the relevant invoice for the Fruugo charges, along with a breakdown of the payments for each order in that payment batch from the Fruugo Accounts Team.

Please note: All payments will be made in your local currency to a single bank account. The currency of payment must match the currency used for your product and shipping prices.

Tax Registrations

In order for Fruugo's system to correctly calculate the taxation for each of your products in the 46 supported Fruugo countries you need to ensure that you provide your Integration Specialist with your tax registration number in each applicable country. Your Integration Specialist will verify these with the relevant authorities and then add them to your account to adjust your set-up in that country accordingly.

You can find information on taxation numbers, threshold, and calculation methods in the VAT rules and thresholds section of the Retailer Support & Documentation.

Further Company Details

Your Integration Specialist may also request some further company details if they encounter any issue with those submitted by the Retailer Joining Form, or there is some clarification needed to ensure your account can be correctly set-up.

Should any additional information be required, they will request these details with your directly and advise what is required.