Shipping Configuration

To enable to list your products globally with Fruugo, utilising our unique technology which localising the transaction both for the customer and for the retailer, there are three steps to complete after being reviewed and approved by our Business Development team.

Step 2 of the process focuses on the configuration of your shipping costs, the couriers you will be using, and countries which you will list in on Fruugo. The completion of this configuration is done within the Fruugo Shipping Manager.

What is it?

Shipping Manager is a module within Retailer Portal for merchants to control shipping methods with ease. Shipping methods are used to calculate the right shipping for a customer based on factors such as destination and pricing model chosen. Having an active shipping method for a country ensures that your product is available for sale in that market.

How do I populate my shipping methods?

We’ve put together a handy guide on how to add and update your methods using our Shipping Manager module. To get started, click on the button that applies to you below.