In these exceptional times, a lot of sellers are experiencing unprecedented pressure on their operations. At Fruugo, we are dedicated to helping sellers get through this period as smoothly as possible and we will work with you to do what we can to help you keep trading.

As the situation across the world evolves, governments are reacting to rises in cases, people find themselves under new restrictive measures, or more positively, countries begin to transition out of previous restriction. We are aiming to keep up to date with the latest releases from governments and logistics providers to allow us to help keep you informed through a series of updates.

Using this dedicated COVID-19 section of our Retailer Support Documentation we will be adding information to assist you continue to operate your business through these difficult times. It will include details such as:

  • New Fruugo developments to help during COVID-19, such as our Courier Network Status Dashboard

  • Advise on how to manage your Fruugo account and changes you can make to ease your burden

  • Updates on restrictions

  • A basic overview of the restrictions and impact to simplify understanding

  • An overview of demand and product trends

  • VAT & taxation advice

Current Sections (left-navigation)

Key Information & Actions

Our Key Information & Actions section will look to provide information on:

  • Understanding the restrictions

  • The increased demand for online shopping

  • Actions you can take on Fruugo to manage your account

  • Working Conditions and employee well-being

  • Support available from Fruugo

Courier Network Status Dashboard

The Fruugo Courier Network Dashboard is designed to provide you with a single location to view the current operational status of the top global couriers across each of Fruugo’s 46 countries.

This service information will be updated frequently to help you understand where there are delays or restrictions with the top global couriers.

Customer Email Address

To improve the flow of communication between yourselves, your logistics partners, and the customer we have completed a new development which will allow us to provide a Fruugo email address for the customer as part of the order.

The new development will allow you and your logistics partner to use this email address to provide vital order updates such as dispatch, tracking information, and delivery date to the customer.

VAT Breaks/Holidays in Europe

Given the current dire situation of the economy, many retailers are struggling to meet the tax obligations imposed on them by distance selling regulations of other countries. Appropriately enough, following the sudden COVID-19 outbreak, many European states have decided to grant special tax breaks in relation to the reporting and/or payment of VAT.

The section provides a quick overview of the VAT deferral schemes linked to the COVID-19 outbreak in many EU countries.

Export restrictions for personal protective equipment (PPE)

In its continuing efforts to protect citizens and to coordinate the response to COVID-19, the European Commission has taken immediate steps to protect the availability of supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE). Personal Protective Equipment covers equipment such as masks, protective spectacles and visors, face shields, mouth-nose protection and protective garments. There are vital needs for protective equipment within the European Union with regard to hospitals, patients, field workers, civil protection authorities.

The article provides instructions on how and where you can list these on Fruugo, and any restrictions you would need to apply.